Oil Changes

As our name suggest, at Auto Science we put a lot of time and research into the fluids we use and sell. Unlike the dealerships and express oil change shops you will not find cheap and inadequate fluids here. Systems on your car affected by the types of fluid include the brakes, clutch, engine, transmission, power steering, cooling system, ac system, differentials, and even your windshield washer fluid. Not only does every car manufacturer specify different fluid specifications for every system, there are a dizzying array of choices in the fluids themselves. Things like weight, viscosity, temperature range, detergent levels, synthetics and additives all make a difference in the product chosen. Here we have already done the research for you and will install the equivalent or better in your car ensuring a longer service intervals and reliability.

Service Price
Conventional Oil Change $29.95
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change $49.95
Synthetic Oil Change $69.95
Fuel System Cleaning $124.99
Hourly Labor Rate $95.00