Heating And Air Conditioning

The heating and cooling system in your car keep you comfortable regardless of the weather. As you know, in Texas the weather changes everyday. We have a state of the art fully automated Air Conditioning Freon machine. It offers diagnostics, leak test, refrigerant recycling, vacuum, recovery and oil and dye injection. Its is preloaded with with specifications for all manufacturers so that the job cannot be performed properly. Like all equipment though it doesn't always get the job done. Our technicians also possess the training to do the job manually. We have the best techs in the business. When is comes to your heater we offer the same level of diagnostics and repair as the your ac system. We also offer a complete cleaning solution for the vents and evaporator and heater cores that consists of of a strong cleansing foam sprayed into the system to cover every square inch of the ventilation system to get out nasty smells and improve the efficiency of the cores.

Service Price
Coolant Flush $95.00
A/C Evacuation And Recharge $95.00
Freon Per Lb. $35.00
Hourly Labor Rate $95.00